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Webfuel joins the best of both worlds of Software Engineering and User Interface Design. Our products are very efficient, maintainable and easy to use.

By Device

Our applications can target not only your computer, but also other devices out there - like Android and iPhone mobile phones, digital tablets and even your TV. See more

By Service

We can provide a wide range of different services, from Enterprise Management and Reporting applications to Rich Media and Interactive Games. See more

By Industry

We have experience in several industries, from Finance to Tourism, but our flexibility allows us to work in almost every industry.
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Desktop Applications

We build next-generation cross-platform - Windows, Mac and Linux - installable desktop applications with amazing user interfaces. Our applications can update automatically, work offline and online, and synchronize with servers.

Mobile Apps

Using Adobe Air technology, our mobile applications can target Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad and the Blackberry playbook. These apps can be provided directly to end-users or via the existing marketplaces.

SmartTV Apps

SmartTVs (Samsung SmartTV) and tv-boxes (Logitech Revue/Google TV) allow users to install apps on the TV. Imagine taking advantage of the size of your LCD to view your company dashboard? We can build those apps for you.

Rich Internet Applications

A Rich Internet Application takes advantage of the browser to make sure your application is available from everywhere, no matter the location, computer, browser or OS. We are experts in building RIAs since 2004.

Mobile Websites

Mobile phones can browse the Internet, but normal websites were never optimized to be visited in so small screens. We can build websites optimized to be visited from mobile phones, leveraging the power of HTML5.

Digital Tablet Apps

We can build apps in any digital tablet running Android 2.2, Blackberry Playbook, or even iPad. Can you imagine yourself using your fingers to manage your company with a tablet on your lap?




We build reporting applications, featuring interactive and beautifully animated charts that can update in real-time when the user filters data, or even automatically when new data arrives from the server.

E-Commerce solutions

We implement web applications with online payments using the different systems available - Paypal, Google Checkout, or even direct credit card payments. In Portugal we can also generate bank references for ATM payments.


If you need an application to manage your company, we will study your business and make sure we implement the best solutions not only to fit your needs, but also to make your business grow faster.

Interactive websites

We can develop websites - either static or dynamic (with CMS/backoffice) and animated/interactive (using HTML and/or Flash). We can also optimize it to run on mobile phones and tablets.

Systems Integration

We can do integrations with systems prepared for SOA. If you need to build a new application that connects to legacy systems, or you want to connect to a third party system, we can study solutions built on top of SOA.

Rich Media Applications

In case you need to add interactivity to video or to integrate HD video in your applications we can do the implementation. We have also a small studio where we can shoot video with chroma keying.

Social Communities

Social communities are nowadays a very powerful communication tool. We can add social features and integrations to applications, either web or desktop, or even build new social communities.

Interactive games

Using the Flash Player and Adobe Air, we can build interactive games that will run on your computer (in the browser, or installed), phone, digital tablet, or even television.

Map Integrations

Taking advantage of most of the map services available, we can boost your application with geolocation features. For example, in a logistics application we can show in realtime the location of each truck on a map.

Multi-screen Applications

If your company needs one application that can be accessed from computers, mobile phones, digital tablets and even SmartTVs, we are up to the task. We can also implement realtime synchronization between all devices..

Realtime Applications

We can build applications where all clients are synchronized in realtime with the server - from simple chat systems to complex trading, reporting or geolocation applications updating in realtime.

IT Consulting

We are experts with RIA technologies, software engineering best practices, usability and user experience. We can assist your company by providing IT consultancy or even manage IT projects involving RIA development.




We have been working especially for the finance sector, building personal finance management applications, FOREX trading platforms, and mortgage, retirement and insurance simulators.


We have experience with applications to manage restaurants, with online booking systems and we can take advantage of the Internet as the best channel for advertising your tourism agency.

Real Estate

Whether you need a full featured website to show your properties online, or an internal application to manage your properties and clients, we are the right partner.


Webfuel has provided several services to the fashion sector, from Web 2.0 fashion communities and applications to manage modelling agencies, to websites and CRMs directed to the high jewelry market.

Information Technology

We have worked with other IT companies managing IT projects, optimizing their workflow, implementing ticket management applications, or even teaching new technologies and approaches to their teams.

Your sector

We are open and very interested in working for other industries. We love to study new business cases, to imagine innovative solutions to increase your productivity and result, and to implement those solutions.